Granite Countertops for Long-Lasting Beauty and Durability

Granite-Countertops-Seattle-WAGranite has long been a top-choice for countertops in residential and commercial properties. The naturally resilient and beautiful granite slabs make the perfect countertop and backsplash material for any new construction or remodeling job.

Granite countertops help create working spaces that are striking and functional. Installing granite countertops offers an easy way for strengthening the aesthetics of a room.

Granite countertops give the place housing them a distinctive and stylish character, while the solid, scratch-resistant granite countertops are very easy to work on.

Property owners who want such countertops that can be used and cherished for a lifetime should come to Seattle Granite.

We offer:

  • Elegant granite countertops and granite backsplash options from quality granite slabs
  • Affordably priced granite countertops and granite backsplash options
  • Professionally installed granite countertops and granite backsplash options

Unique Granite Slabs for Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops

Granite-Slabs-Seattle-WAThe extreme durability of granite slabs results in granite countertops and granite backsplash options that last for years. However, what actually makes property owners love using their granite countertops forever is the unique beauty of the granite slabs they are made of.

Owing to their natural formation process occurring deep inside the earth, no two granite slabs are created looking the same.

Granite slabs come in unique colors and with distinct veins or patterned movements, which give all the granite slabs an exclusive appearance and ageless beauty.

We help you enjoy the timeless appeal of our granite slabs to the full in your kitchen and bathroom countertops by:

  • Cutting granite slabs to your precise counter space measurements
  • Polishing the cut granite slabs to perfection
  • Installing them impeccably

Why Chose Us for a Granite Backsplash and Countertop?

Granite-Backsplash-Seattle-WAWith all their beauty and other advantages, granite slabs are heavy and cumbersome to work with. Creating granite countertops and a granite back splash is not something that anyone and everyone can do.

The work calls for a lot of finesse and that is why it is best left to an expert like us. We serve you with:

  • A multitude of options in slabs for granite countertops and a granite backsplash
  • Skilled technicians, vastly experienced in installing a granite backsplash and countertops
  • Advanced tools for cutting and installing granite countertops and a granite backsplash

To get full worth for your investment in granite countertops and granite backsplash installation, trust us with the job!

Choose from the hundreds of granite slabs offered by Seattle Granite today! Let us install the perfect granite countertops and granite backsplash for your place. Call (206) 453-2669.