Bathroom Tile Options for the Kirkland Home or Business

bathroom-tile-kirkland-waSeattle Granite offers natural stone bathroom tile products for the residents of Kirkland, WA. All home and business owners desire a stylish and luxurious bathroom. However, not everyone can afford to get it done. Our bathroom tile gives cost-conscious Kirkland property owners an affordable alternative to natural stone slabs.

The bathroom tile can be put to several uses. You can get tile countertops or vanities made, or have the tile installed on floor, on walls and as tub/shower surrounds. Our beautiful, sturdy, water-resistant, durable and easy to clean bathroom tile helps Kirkland homes or businesses get attractive and efficient bathrooms.

We strive to provide our customers with the bathroom tile products that suit their tastes, fit their budget, and meet the design considerations on their project. So, we maintain a huge inventory and offer bathroom tile for Kirkland residents in many different:

  • Materials
  • Sizes
  • Veining patterns
  • Textures
  • Colors

A Tile Backsplash to Match Your New Countertops in Kirkland

tile-backsplash-kirklandHave you installed new countertops and want a tile backsplash that complements them and brings out their beauty? Check out our vast selection of stone tiles. You can be sure of finding just the perfect tile backsplash for your Kirkland property.

Whether your countertops call for a vibrant tile backsplash, or one in subdued hues, our store is sure to have just what you need. Calling us to install tile backsplash in your Kirkland home or business place is a great way of:

  • Making your kitchen/bathroom more attractive and efficient
  • Adding beauty and value to your property
  • Enjoying long years of hassle-free use of backsplashes

Investing in our tile backsplash products for your Kirkland property assures you of full value for your money.

Tile Countertops in Kirkland - Granite, Marble, Quartz Tiles

tile-countertops-kirklandWant your property to flaunt marble, granite or quartz countertops, but deterred by their cost? Relax! We can install stone tile countertops that fulfill your desire and yet are still within your budget.

The best thing about the tile countertops we offer for Kirkland properties is that these let our customers enjoy all the wonderful qualities of natural stone surfaces.

The tile countertops that we install in Kirkland properties are made to match the highest standards of excellence. We guarantee outstanding outcomes in all our projects for tile countertops by using:

  • Tiles of superior quality
  • State-of-the-art stone fabrication machines
  • Highly trained countertop fabricators and installers

Kirkland resident scan call Seattle Granite at 206-453-2766 for free estimates for bathroom tile, tile countertops or tile backsplash installation projects.